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Summary of the Will of John Davies Mereweather
Venice, 9 April 1894
Probate granted 23 October 1896,  Net value £2972  4s  4d
Somerset House, London

Thomas Phillips Price, Triley Court, Abergavenny
Thomas Barrett Lennard, Horsford Manor, Norfolk

1. All just debts to be paid soonest.

2. Funeral expenses including cremation, if possible, and conveyance to Stockholm to be paid, taking care that Captain Chevalier Ch. Ed. Arfwedson be fully reimbursed for any expenses.

3. Property in Bristol to be realised.

4. Legacies to be paid out free of tax and duty:
a. Lorenzo Piccolotto, servant, and his wife Luigia, £200
b. Julia Guidi, housekeeper, £200
c. Margaret, godchild, daughter of Capt. Joseph Greaves of the I. & R. Austrian Navy, £150
d. Madame Louisa Stipperger, old friend, Graz, Austria, £150
e. Edward Gabriel, architect, London, old family friend, £150
f. Catherine Harmer, servant of deceased friend Adrienne Comtesse d’Ezdorf, £100
g. Maria Torusso, known and respected for many years, ... [£100?]
h. Maria Adelaide Maraini, young friend, £100
i. Edouard de Zuccato, British Vice Consul, £70

5. T. P. Price shall be offered the antique gold repeating watch with chain and seals.

6. T. Barrett Lennard shall have the choice of three pictures.

7. Adelaide Maraini [mother of Maria Adelaide above?] shall receive the marble bust of our Saviour done by her father Pandiani, and four diamond studs.

8. Furniture of artistic value, books, plate, pictures, watches, jewels, prints, photographs, bronzes, fancy china, travelling trunks and bags, curious odds and ends, to T. P. Price and Capt. Chev. C. E. Arfwedson, each to convey his share out of Venice.

9. E. de Zuccato shall possess those books other legatees may leave.

10. The residue of the personal property is bequeathed to the four children of Capt. Chev. C. E. Arfwedson, named Edward, Jacques, Georgina and Ann.

11. The residue of the estate of Ann Mereweather, sister, is bequeathed to Jacques Arfwedson, godson, second son of Capt. Chev. C. E. Arfwedson.

12. Furniture and household effects left by other legatees and wardrobe contents are given to Lorenzo Piccolotto and Julia Guidi.

Alexander Robertson, Scottish Minister, Venice
Julia Robertson