In the Arfwedson collection there is a seal of Mereweather's. It is rather worn. Some objects from this seal have been designed to be shown at the top left corner of these webpages, to wit:

  • the crest with its sword and snake;

  • the sun in splendour;

  • the motto: SOLEM FERO,  I  bear (endure) the sun.

There is also a building of some kind set in a landscape.

When composing this seal, Mereweather has used some elements from existing arms of Merewether families.

Below is reproduced, for comparison, a bookplate with armorial bearings said to be those of Major General Sir William Lockyer Merewether (1825-1880). In the shield, Merewether charges (with, dexter, the sun and three martlets) and Lockyer charges are impaled.