Sunday in Venice: Going to the English Church [of St George in Campo San Vio]
Drawing by W. Logsdail published in The Graphic, 6 July 1895


"The time of year is now coming when large numbers of Englishmen and their families are to be found holiday-making in various parts of the Continent.  Wherever they go they expect to find an English church. In a great many places they do find one, but it is to be feared that only a small proportion of the worshippers in these churches trouble their heads about how these churches were built and who paid for them.

"The want of an English church at Venice had been long felt when, in 1888, a movement was started by the late Sir Henry Layard and Lady Layard towards securing a permanent church in that city. An appeal for support produced about 1,000l., but this was found to be insufficient for the object in view, owing to certain difficulties with regard to the title of the site selected, and also because a guarantee was required before the building could be accepted by the Bishop of London, who alone was capable of holding it for the Church of England. At this juncture Sir Henry and Lady Layard generously found the money for the purchase of the site and the carrying out of such structural alterations in the building already standing as were essential; and the 1,000l., that had been subscribed became the necessary guaranteed fund vested in the Bishop of London.

"A further sum of 2,000l. is needed for the decoration of the building, and to make it worthy of its purpose. The Dowager Duchess of Northumberland has given an organ to the church, and Mr. Neville has given 500l.  It is to be hoped that the work which Sir Henry Layard began may be completed. The church at Venice is a fitting memorial of Sir Henry Layard's generosity, and it would be a grievous thing if the funds to complete it were not forthcoming. Sir Henry Layard bequeathed to the nation his unique collection of pictures, and there could be no better way for his countrymen to express gratitude than by helping to achieve that object on which he had set his heart, and to which he contributed so generously himself.

"The appeal which has now been issued for the furtherance of this object is supported by the Rev. Arthur E. Carey, Mr. Henry Woods, R.A , and Mr. Horatio F. Brown, the author of various, delightful books of Italian life.  Messrs. Glyn, Mills, Currie and Co., 67, Lombard Street, and Messrs. G. [S.?] and A. Blumenthal, San Benedetto, Venice, have kindly consented to receive subscriptions, which should be made payable to the 'English Church at Venice Fund.'" (The Graphic, 6 July 1895, p. 12, paragraph breaks inserted)

Today, St George's Anglican Church in Venice has a website: .

Palazzo Barbarigo with Campo San Vio to the right
(Part of Palazzo Da Mula Morosini is seen to the left)
Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-DIG-ppmsc-06706